“Invisible House Guests”

Hello dear ones, Pebbles, the chihuahua, and I have been having a slow go of it today.  The weather changing so much and the pull and tug of spirits has put us both into a “sleep mode”.  After getting so much needed extra rest I discovered that I have some new visitors making themselves known.Read more

“Earliest Remembrances of Spirit Encounters”

Hello everyone.  It’s already day three of storytelling, and I am having trouble on which one to tell.  Let me think back to some questions that I have been asked. Let me think. Here’s one.  “Lynda, how old were you when you realized you could see spirits?” The simple answer is that I have hadRead more

“Brother-in-law Steals the Show”

After writing and posting the conversation with the rocks talking, I signed back on to my room only to find that I was being called upon to lead a free group reading.  This means that about 30-40 people are flooding my chat room and having to wait for 10 minutes before it begins.  2:00AM, andRead more

“Even The Rocks Have A Voice”

The wind is blowing, and there’s a drizzle of snow and rain falling.  Perfect night for staying indoors wrapped up at my computer.  Signing on to my help room,  a visitor messages me that she’s annoyed. “Why, whatsoever is the matter?” I say in my best Southern drawl. “I keep puttin myself out there toRead more