Boy, Am I In Trouble!

This morning, my mind is whirring as usual.  “Whirring”…….meaning “a constant whirring noise with many, many thoughts and worries whirring around.   I’m actually trying to convince myself that blogging this morning will help quiet the noise and help me to focus at the task at hand. Often times it is said jokingly, “Lynda, you’re theRead more

Which Faith Medallion to Use?

Last night, I listened to a bit of a radio broadcasting.  David, host of Darkness Radio, was a guest on Psychic Teachers (didn’t even know about them until I saw David’s posting on facebook).   The question was asked what does he do before an investigation as a way of protection.   One comment was that heRead more

Beginning of the Blog

“Lynda, you need to blog,” said a few friends that enjoy hearing my “stories.”  “You’ve got to be kidding me,” is my usual response or at least what I’m thinking when told this.  Talking on the phone is so much easier than trying to sit down and write words on a screen.  But I amRead more

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