Lynda’s Summer Solstice Morning 2018

  Today is the “official” first day of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere.   Here in Georgia, summer started last week.  Hail to the sun! Now I’ll go back and hide in my A/C indoors until the Fall comes.  Me and the summer heat along with the Southern humidity do not mix.  “I’m melting,” becomesRead more

One Day of the Life of a Psychic Medium

October 7, 2016   It’s Friday!  There was a time that I rejoiced in that fact because it meant that tomorrow was to be Saturday which meant “my day off.”  Taking readings daily and discussing with others who come to me with questions easily throws me off on what day of the week it reallyRead more

“When God Speaks”

This blog is more of a personal experience that I would share when one asks me, “Lynda, how do you do it? How do you keep going, and do what you do?” Have you ever been in the position that you have done every thing you can do? Perhaps you felt the load of theRead more

“The Difference Between Angels and Human Spirits”

When I am explaining my views and opinions on what I believe concerning matters of spirits, I always try to emphasize “This is MY opinion, and I encourage you in your own spiritual search along with research.” Tonight, I had a dear one telling me she believed her mother was her guardian angel. “Yes,” IRead more

“Invisible House Guests”

Hello dear ones, Pebbles, the chihuahua, and I have been having a slow go of it today.  The weather changing so much and the pull and tug of spirits has put us both into a “sleep mode”.  After getting so much needed extra rest I discovered that I have some new visitors making themselves known.Read more

“Earliest Remembrances of Spirit Encounters”

Hello everyone.  It’s already day three of storytelling, and I am having trouble on which one to tell.  Let me think back to some questions that I have been asked. Let me think. Here’s one.  “Lynda, how old were you when you realized you could see spirits?” The simple answer is that I have hadRead more

“Brother-in-law Steals the Show”

After writing and posting the conversation with the rocks talking, I signed back on to my room only to find that I was being called upon to lead a free group reading.  This means that about 30-40 people are flooding my chat room and having to wait for 10 minutes before it begins.  2:00AM, andRead more

“Even The Rocks Have A Voice”

The wind is blowing, and there’s a drizzle of snow and rain falling.  Perfect night for staying indoors wrapped up at my computer.  Signing on to my help room,  a visitor messages me that she’s annoyed. “Why, whatsoever is the matter?” I say in my best Southern drawl. “I keep puttin myself out there toRead more


BONE COLLECTOR (The Enchanted Map Oracle Card) “You are whole and have everything you need within.” How are you looking at the present situation? Are you seeing people for who they really are? Are you hearing and really listening to what is going on? Are you able to step back, observe, and see the completeRead more

A Mediumship Reading

Give thanks for another day, especially since it’s Friday! (I did check my calendar on that to be sure.) Many of you have seen my postings concerning my gift of seeing and hearing the dead. I prefer to call them “loved ones in spirit.” They are still living, just not here in this physical worldRead more

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