Giving and Receiving

Having the gift of insight, sensing and seeing spirit beings rather they be loved ones who have passed or other, understanding what I am seeing and putting it into words for someone else to understand, dealing with questions of my own faith and self-doubt, managing reality on those days when I feel like I amRead more

A Medium’s Mantra

“Ground, Center, Shield” These three words have become my major mantra when it comes to avoiding being overwhelmed by the spirits of the dead and people’s emotions. From the beginning, God blessed me with people’s tidbits here and there to help me pull together a safety net around me.  The idea of “centering” came fromRead more

Why the Bible stuff?

I try.  Really.  I do. I try to not bring up my own beliefs.  Quoting verses?  I know it’s not some sort of Bible Sword drill competition.  Sharing a song?  No, I’m not trying to stuff my faith and beliefs onto someone. But when it comes to dealing and working with a God-given natural abilityRead more

“What Took You So Long?”

Last night, I had an appointment for a phone reading.  Because of the “push and pull” in having a spirit session, I usually only schedule one a day, and then try to space them out between investigations and house cleanings.   Yesterday, I was being “pushed and pulled” every where. “But Lynda, you don’t know howRead more

What? Dog Readings?!!!!

On this cold and rainy Wednesday morn, it is a blessing to be able to wake-up, grab a cup of coffee, and stare at my laptop without having to go out into the weather.  On the other hand, I am reminded that I do not have a “real” full-time employment or even a permanent home. Read more

Learning to Communicate

It is Saturday morning, March 5th, and I am finally back in writing a blog.  What happened?  You don’t want to know, but I am learning more and more of the value of communicating with others and letting your yes be yes and your no be no.  What tha? And you thought this was goingRead more

Overhearing Conversation or Future Event?

It is officially 12:35a.m. Saturday morning, but I’m still counting this as Friday!  I have traveled the three hours to Warminster, PA.  Given the opportunity to attend a Shamanic Journeying Workshop from two people I trust, I drove the distance even though the forecast had said snow.  My friends assured me the roads were clear. Read more

Ghosts Can Call From Anywhere

Many tend to think that ghosts haunt the place or person they are attached to.  There’s no way the living can see or experience said “ghost” unless you are around the very location or person involved.   How would you feel if I was sitting in your living room, and suddenly got a visitor from the spirit world? Read more

Checks and Balances of A Spirit Medium

On Facebook this morning, Marley Gibson, author of The Ghost Huntressseries, did a posting of people needing to be sure of correct use of the words “there”,  “their”, and “they’re”!  I immediately was horrified that I had been the guilty party of doing this in my blog!  And it’s only my fourth day!  lol  OneRead more

Boy, Am I In Trouble!

This morning, my mind is whirring as usual.  “Whirring”…….meaning “a constant whirring noise with many, many thoughts and worries whirring around.   I’m actually trying to convince myself that blogging this morning will help quiet the noise and help me to focus at the task at hand. Often times it is said jokingly, “Lynda, you’re theRead more

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